How To Choose The Right Business Broadband Provider

by | Mar 15, 2022 | Business Broadband

Whether you’re overseeing a large corporation or a small business, reliable and speedy broadband is an integral part of running an entity of any size and choosing the right business broadband provider can be a difficult task.

The pandemic has inspired a drastic transformation in traditional working models, namely remote and hybrid working, and such changes, coupled with the drive for businesses to adapt their functionality to suit the online world, has led to organisations becoming more reliant on fast and secure broadband to function efficiently.

According to a report by the EU commission in 2021, Ireland’s SME online sales are double the EU average. The report shows that 27% of the total turnover for SMEs based in Ireland is derived from online sales – more than twice the EU average of 12%.

These figures highlight how dependent Irish SMEs are on their broadband connection when it comes to driving sales, and in this article, we explore how to choose the right Business Broadband provider for your organisation.


Why is having secure broadband essential for businesses in 2022?

Stability is a huge factor in terms of business operations, and this is no different when it comes to your broadband connection.

The last thing any organisation wants to encounter is a breakdown in their internet connection at a vital time; a nuisance that can be costly for the business and inconvenient for customers.

In situations where Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) phone systems are being used, it’s vital that the connection is secure and reliable so that team members can stay connected with colleagues and customers alike. Continuity of service is key to ensuring that your workforce has access to the internet at all times.


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What criteria should businesses consider when deciding on a business broadband provider?

There are many different factors that businesses should consider when choosing a broadband provider and package. All businesses will have different requirements, so it’s important to invest in a package that is suitable for their needs and environment.

Here is a selection of the fundamental factors to keep in mind when selecting your preferred provider:


1. Bandwidth

One of the most important considerations is bandwidth, which is the maximum amount of data transmitted over an internet connection in a given amount of time.

Bandwidth is often mistaken for internet speed when in fact, it’s actually the volume of information that can be sent over a connection in a measured amount of time, calculated in megabits per second (Mbps).

To ensure that they are choosing the right option, businesses should assess how much they are likely to download and upload each month.


2. Data limits of your business broadband provider

You will also need to be mindful of the average size of files that will be uploaded and/or downloaded. Email and text will be smaller in size, however, images, voice messages and videos especially will be significantly larger.

Therefore, an essential question to ask a potential broadband provider is “are there data limits with this package?”. Many broadband providers will have data limits in place, and exceeding these limits can be quite costly, depending on the charges the provider has set.

Another factor to consider is how many staff members will be using this connection, and if guest Wi-Fi is a necessity.


3. Is VoIP in place?

With many businesses choosing VoIP phone systems as their primary communications vehicle, this will be another factor to consider.

It will be particularly relevant if video conferencing tools are used frequently, as fast download and upload speeds will be required to ensure a smooth and reliable service.

Furthermore, if a business is in a position to upgrade their existing phone line to a VoIP phone system, it will be better value to choose a provider that can offer a bundle of Business Broadband and VoIP services in one tidy package.


4. Is backup broadband an option?

While some businesses may have the scope to continue operations for some time in the event of a loss of network, others might not be able to operate at any capacity if this occurs.

Therefore, an important factor to consider when choosing a business broadband provider is whether or not they offer the option of a backup broadband connection, which would be accessible when there’s an issue with the main connection.

This would be a major deciding factor for businesses that simply cannot operate without an internet connection as it significantly lessens the chances of disruption that can directly affect the customer.


5. Cyber security

With the number of cyberattacks on the rise in recent years, protection against this kind of threat should be a key consideration when choosing a business broadband provider.

Those that offer cyber security add-ons as part of a package will be the preferred option for businesses that frequently upload and download sensitive data, such as customer information.


6. Business broadband provider customer support

In the event of an issue with a broadband connection, a business broadband provider that has a good track record when it comes to customer support and efficient troubleshooting will be your greatest ally.

Every minute of downtime can be costly and frustrating for a business, so avoiding lengthy maintenance delays is key.

If a business broadband provider can offer support across multiple channels, such as online, phone and chat assistance, this is a sure-fire advantage.


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Why should businesses choose One Contact as their business broadband provider?

There is one provider that ticks all of the boxes referenced above.

At One Contact, we deliver Business Broadband based on strength, security and stability. We provide peace of mind by supporting your most critical business functions with our decades of expertise, helping you to prevent connectivity issues and continue to grow your company.

Additionally, our Business Broadband package provides secure enterprise-grade connectivity with true live monitoring at an affordable price, even for smaller businesses.

Get in touch today to see how we can help your business find a tailor-made business broadband package to suit all of your business requirements.

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