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Bringing you smart, simple and secure Wi-Fi for your business.

With One Contact you can stop worrying about your business Wi-Fi. Our managed Wi-Fi services offer you secure and cost-effective Wi-Fi solutions that prioritise business-critical systems, eliminate Wi-Fi black spots and safeguard against cyber attacks, all for a simple monthly fee.

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Prioritise critical systems

Eliminate Wi-Fi Blackspots - One Contact

Eliminate Wi-Fi blackspots

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Avoid data breaches

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Managed Wi-Fi - One Contact

Secure business Wi-Fi that’s fit for purpose

At One Contact, we currently operate wireless networks with tens of thousands of daily users. Our wireless networks are designed from the ground up, specifically for secure business use.

Business Wi-Fi needs to be secure, reliable and and functional so it is hugely important that your Wi-Fi provider is technically knowledgeable and experienced.

Our team have unbeatable wireless design skills and a lot of experience in radio planning and specialise in take a failing Wi-Fi network and turning it around into a reliable and productive tool for your business.

Features & Benefits of Managed Wi-Fi

Coverage and compatibility

Slow Wi-Fi speeds and black spots of coverage are common in poorly designed networks. Our team will specify and size your Wi-Fi network correctly so that you have no slow connections and that black spots are eliminated so you have coverage everywhere you need it.

Our Wi-Fi is proven and tested across many devices so compatibility issues won’t be problem, and each device gets the speed it requires.

Safeguard against breaches and cyber attacks

It is hugely important that your business has a robust and secure Wi-Fi network professionally installed by an experienced team. Every business has information worth stealing and hackers are targeting small and medium businesses more successfully each year.

Our team can help to protect your network and ensure your business is protected against such data breaches and attacks.

Automatic Failover - One Contact

Separate networks for guests and staff

Preventing unauthorised access to your business network is essential for protecting against certain cyber attacks. Our team can set up separate networks for guests, staff and sensitive business devices.

This can prevent unauthorised guests or staff personal devices spreading a sneaky virus into your business network, either unknowingly or otherwise.

Prioritise Wi-Fi Square- One Contact

Prioritise business-critical systems

Not all business systems are created equal. At One Contact, we can ensure that business-critical systems get the Wi-Fi priority that they require to keep your business running as efficiently as possible.

Credit card terminals, voice applications and other critical services and data can be prioritised over other non-essential systems and devices.

Prioritise business continuity & disaster recovery

When planning for business continuity and disaster planning, it is vital that you include measures to ensure quick recovery of your Wi-Fi network.

Our team can help you plan and prepare for both physical threats and cyber threats anticipating problems that could disrupt day to day operations or compromise your data.

Our managed Wi-Fi networks are cloud based, allowing us to rapidly deploy a new network in a totally different location should you need to relocate quickly. Wi-Fi devices such as credit card machines and more can be back up functioning as normal in a very short time frame.

Network backups for 5-star peace of mind

Our technical team are experienced and have a long history of Wi-Fi and network installation so we know the importance installing a backup system should something go wrong.

Whichever system you choose, it is important that all backups are kept in a different place to the main data copy and that they are backed up regularly. We will advise you on the best cloud back up for your business and guarantee that your system is set up to offer efficiently to cover your entire business needs.

Avoid common Wi-Fi issues with purpose-built business Wi-Fi

Two of the biggest issues we encounter when auditing business Wi-Fi requirements prior to installation are:

  1. Incorrectly specified hardware by existing suppliers
  2. Lack of wireless Spectrum and coverage understanding

At One Contact, we carry out an effective site survey, developing a bespoke installation plan for your business, taking into consideration access points, overlapping channels, user density, usage demands and more as well as any potential security issues.

This allows us to implement a managed Wi-Fi service that’s tailored and optimised specifically to suit your business.

Why Choose One Contact For Your Managed Wi-Fi?

Experience and Technical Expertise

We have over 30 years’ experience, providing secure and reliable networks, serving over 10,000 end users across Hotels, County Councils, Nursing Home Groups, SOHO offices, Multinationals and more. Our team have the know-how to install your new system efficiently and professionally with minimal disruption, and manage it for you with zero stress.

Bespoke Solutions – Secure by Design

To ensure security of connection we install a a minimum of two Wi-Fi networks as standard. One is for your business and the other for your guests. We isolate your private sensitive business data away from potentially harmful guest devices avoiding potential data breaches – a basic security measure often overlooked by other competitor networking companies.

The Latest Technology

Every year technology advances and Wi-Fi is no different.At One Contact we strive to keep ahead of technology and the latest advances in the field of wireless technology so that we can offer our clients the most secure and reliable service available. For example 10 Gigabit Wi-Fi is on the horizon with 802.11ax and we’ll ensure that our customers reap the benefits before their competitors.

Customer Care You Can Trust

Our installation and customer care team love working for One Contact and they pride themselves in providing our customers with the best managed Wi-Fi solutions available. They like to get to know our customers so that they can provide a service and product that they can be proud of, stand over and offer solutions quickly should anything go wrong.


The most significant impact for us in using One Contact is their service; I cannot fault anything about it. Anything that goes wrong is fixed in a timely manner which is critical to any small business. As a community based Pharmacy during the Covid pandemic in particular, it has been vital that our phone lines

Brian O’Shea
Owner/ Pharmacist - ODC Pharmacy
We were not happy with the level of service we were receiving from our previous service provider and were exploring the possibility of upgrading our infrastructure, using a Cloud Server in the office and also looking to make cost savings by using one provider for all of our IT and Communications requirements and One Contact

Mark Gargan
Niall Byrne & Company, Chartered Certified Accountants
C & D Medical Group have 12 pharmacies in the group, based all over Ireland from Dundalk to North Dublin and the Midlands and west of Ireland. We got in touch with One Contact when we decided to bring all of the pharmacies to the same high spec in terms of Broadband, ensuring continuity across

Paul Glackin
Operations Manager, C + D Medical Group