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Failover Broadband

Giving businesses peace of mind by providing guaranteed internet continuity.

Failover Broadband from One Contact offers businesses two or more independent internet connections. So, if you have an issue with one connection you will automatically ‘failover’ to the second or subsequent connection, ensuring continuous internet access for your business.

Reliable backup for your broadband

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Excellent cost savings and improved productivity

Dedicated, rapid remote response team

Live & proactive network monitoring

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Continuous broadband, guaranteed

Every broadband service, no matter how expensive or durable, will have a failure at some point. And not all internet outages are alike. Some can last for days or weeks.

For example, Eir have a commitment to resolve 92% of outages within 5 business days. That means 8% of business could potentially be into their second week of no connectivity before resolution.

Failover broadband provides that all important second independent connection allowing businesses connecting through us to rest assured that they are fully covered should the connection fail.

Failover broadband from One Contact

Does your area suffer from internet connection drops and outages? It makes good business sense to have a second connection automatically take over when your primary connection drops.

Saving money and increasing productivity

When companies analyse potential new revenue loss and loss of productivity due to phone and internet downtime for extended periods, the reputational and financial cost can be enormous. So many companies invest in a second failover broadband connection, and view it as an essential resource for their business.

Resolve broadband issues quickly and remotely

One Contact is set up to troubleshoot remotely, reducing the time to act on and resolve any broadband issues. With our failover broadband service, if your primary connection goes offline, we can still remotely connect to your network, diagnose and potentially resolve your issue without having to call out to your premise. Without this second connection into your business, a callout would be required in all cases, slowing down the speed to identifying the issue and possible incurring callout charges.

Why choose One Contact?

One Contact is 100% Irish owned and operated. All our engineering and support teams work from our offices in Dublin and Tipperary, and are poised and waiting on your call.

We give each of our customers the priority they deserve.

Unlike larger companies that can tend to treat you like an account number; our conscientious team treat you with the priority you deserve. As an SME ourselves, we understand what is critical and urgent, once we are notified of any issues with respond with total focus and urgency.

Monitored Failover Broadband - One Contact

Fully Monitored

Not many companies offer a fully monitored failover service. Most IT companies that offer two or more internet connections are not equipped to truly manage or monitor them. They install the two broadband lines and a router and are not aware of any issues until the you the customer calls to say they are offline.

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Complete Service

We are an ISP and ICT company; we have a complete infrastructure and offer you an internet provider service and IT company service in one. We can truly monitor the end to end connectivity of your business and this allows us to take timely and proactive action to solve your issues as or even before they arise.
Broadband Support Team - One Contact

How to get started and what to expect

Installing failover broadband starts by getting in touch. Contact us online, by email to or speak to one of the team now on 01 906 0990.


We analyse and assess your requirements and offer you the Internet connection options that suit your business requirements. We will assess your location(s) and carry out an extensive site survey(s) and provide you with a list of all available services.


Once you choose your services, we professionally install and document your new connection from day one. This usually takes 5 to 7 days. This detailed installation and documentation is invaluable for quickly troubleshooting issues in the future as they arise. 


Once you are up and running, we remotely manage your broadband connection, upgrading equipment for compatibility, performance and security as required.


Our team remotely monitors the performance of your connection for service degradation and any issues that might arise, and we act on such alerts to ensure no preventable outages occur.

Fault Resolution

If your connection fails over to a backup connection we will be notified straight away. We use your documentation, remote diagnostic tools, and historic performance data to quickly confirm your experience and put a plan in to rectify the issue quickly and efficiently.

Keeping you informed

We keep you informed throughout any incident, giving you the peace of mind that the issue is being handled with the urgency that your business deserves. This frees you up to focus on your business and minimise the impact of any issue.
Tell us about your requirements or about any ongoing issues you are experiencing and we’ll take care of the rest.


One Contact take care of our Telecoms, Broadband and CCTV management. Their systems are simple to use and good value and they have made us significant savings over a number of years. The support is excellent too – when we call the support number the phone is answered immediately and the issues are addressed really

Keith Brennan
Owner - Haven Pharmacy Moloney’s, Ballyfermot
We were not happy with the level of service we were receiving from our previous service provider and were exploring the possibility of upgrading our infrastructure, using a Cloud Server in the office and also looking to make cost savings by using one provider for all of our IT and Communications requirements and One Contact

Mark Gargan
Niall Byrne & Company, Chartered Certified Accountants
The most significant impact for us in using One Contact is their service; I cannot fault anything about it. Anything that goes wrong is fixed in a timely manner which is critical to any small business. As a community based Pharmacy during the Covid pandemic in particular, it has been vital that our phone lines

Brian O’Shea
Owner/ Pharmacist - ODC Pharmacy