The Importance Of VoIP For Your Digital Marketing

by | Apr 6, 2022 | VOIP

Having a digital marketing campaign plays an important role in the success of businesses of all types and sizes, and with the ever-expanding world of eCommerce, it has become vital for organisations to maintain an online presence. This is highlighted in the importance of VoIP for your digital marketing.

The sharp rise in companies adopting a VoIP phone system as a way of streamlining business communication systems proves that this is a necessary tool in rolling out any digital marketing strategy.

Digital marketing is an essential tool to implement in the battle to make your business stand out against its competitors. When your digital marketing strategy is fully functioning and supported by VoIP services along with strong, stable, secure Business Broadband, your business can truly thrive.

In this article, we’ll examine how having a VoIP phone system can be hugely beneficial to your digital marketing plan.

How can VoIP services enhance digital marketing efforts?

VoIP provides reliability

A VoIP phone system operates over the internet, rather than a traditional landline, making it a more reliable option for businesses. Increased availability of Wi-Fi and mobile data, coupled with supercharged business broadband that come as part of VoIP phone system packages, allows for calls over the internet to be made immediately and in a more cost-effective way.

As well as this, VoIP enables team members to retain a single phone number across multiple devices, meaning your sales teams can maintain communication from any location.

It eliminates call waiting

Time is precious and for potential customers, waiting on the other end of the phone leads to a negative experience. With a VoIP phone system, there is the option of automating phone calls so that callers are immediately acknowledged – particularly useful if a business has customers wanting to make contact from different time zones.

Furthermore, due to the flexibility of this phone system, team members can take customer calls on their devices regardless of their physical location.

VoIP offers quick and efficient solutions to customers

When customers make contact with a business, it’s a huge advantage when they can be directed to the right department as efficiently as possible.

With VoIP phone systems, businesses can utilise call management features to swiftly guide the customer to the service that they require. Think of it as a virtual receptionist that can be programmed with any essential sales information.

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VoIP opens multiple channels of communication

These days, customers make contact with businesses in a variety of ways, and having a phone system in place that can offer multiple channels of communication is a huge advantage.

VoIP has the ability to integrate CRM with live web chats, allowing the sales team to talk to customers instantly, from whatever device they are using. This is both a flexible and efficient way of communicating with customers, enhancing the overall service and experience. And it facilitates human interaction, which consumers still seek when communicating with a business.

In fact, a 2021 report conducted by KPMG in Ireland found that when it comes to shopping online, the importance of a human webchat was rated at 95%, compared to a mobile app at 84%.

VoIP enables you to capitalise on your marketing spend

Having a VoIP phone system is more cost-effective for businesses. By utilising the features that this phone system offers, businesses can communicate with their customers, both locally and overseas, through a variety of different channels.

Furthermore, there’s no need to invest in the expensive hardware that is needed for traditional phone lines, as VoIP phone systems run on the infrastructure that is already installed in most office spaces. This means that businesses can stretch their marketing budget for the maximum return.

It allows you to convert the maximum number of leads

One of the most fundamental principles of marketing is the better the customer experience, the more likely that customers will purchase the product or service on offer. Due to the seamless communication provided by a VoIP phone system, interaction between the customer and sales team is encouraged and supported.

As a VoIP phone system is more cost-effective and flexible for businesses, it allows for even more customer interactions, which will, in turn, generate more sales and lead to higher conversion rates.

Excellent customer experience can be facilitated by VoIP

Having a VoIP system in place also allows for team members’ calls to be monitored and measured. This means that management can use this feature for team coaching and to ensure consistency across the messaging. All in all, this results in an improved customer experience.

How VoIP assists your business in marketing itself

Integrating all communications

A strong marketing strategy starts with bringing all of your communications together so that business teams can collaborate wherever they are located.

Uniting the phone, messaging, video, email and chat elements into one communications system leads to a sharper marketing campaign that can be actioned and adapted swiftly.

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Opportunity to expand globally

With the wide range of features that a VoIP phone system offers, from call automation to connecting across all platforms, businesses can establish and maintain relationships with customers across the globe.

Alternating time zones are no longer an obstacle in building up customer bases around the world.


If you were to ask an experienced digital marketer what the key is to a successful marketing campaign, they will tell you it’s consistency. Having the ability to maintain a consistent presence across all platforms is essential and a VoIP system makes this possible.

Being able to access all platforms, team members can engage with customers across the globe, which results in clear and consistent messaging in line with the marketing campaign, as well as providing a more personalised approach when it comes to communicating with customers.

Analytics and reporting

A strong factor in a successful marketing campaign is being able to react quickly to how the campaign is being received and adapting as necessary. A VoIP system allows businesses to measure the success of individual campaigns by creating a unique phone number for each, and then tracking the volume of calls to each number, as well as the sales generated.

In addition, the low cost of running a VoIP system makes this an extremely cost-effective option for tracking success.

The Importance Of VoIP For Your Digital Marketing

Any business that wants to use digital marketing to grow and thrive will need to have the right communication system in place to stay ahead of the competition.

A VoIP phone system offers the most reliable and flexible solution for marketing your business in a landscape that is shaped by the online world. In conjunction with strong, stable and secure Business Broadband, your business can find the tools to make its presence felt across the digital world.

One Contact can provide both the Business Broadband and VoIP Services you need to make sure your business gets out there and stays out there, so get in touch with us today and ensure that your digital marketing has the foundation required to help your business expand.

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