How Small Businesses Can Benefit From VoIP Services

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VoIP is a one-size-fits-all telephony solution for businesses of all sizes. Small businesses need cost-effective and reliable phone system solutions that ensure business continuity and ease of use, and VoIP is worth serious consideration for every business.

In this article, we outline what VoIP is and explore the range of benefits and options it provides to small businesses.

But first, let’s understand what exactly VoIP means!

How Small Businesses Can Benefit From VoIP Services - eBook - SM - One Contact

What is VoIP?

VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol) was developed in the 1990s. VoIP is a communications technology that allows users to make and receive voice calls over an Internet connection.

Simply put, it works by converting sound into digital packets of information that can be transmitted over the internet. With VoIP, you can talk anywhere you have an internet connection.

As such, VoIP has become a widely used technology in recent years, especially among small and medium-sized businesses. This has led many companies to replace traditional communication systems such as private branch exchanges (PBXs) and leased lines.

So how do traditional phone lines compare?

Analogue phones provide basic calling and receiving services, whereas modern VoIP solutions go much further. For extra options and services such as mute, transfer, and speed dial, older phone systems typically require expensive and complicated add-ons.

VoIP offers more advanced telephony capabilities in a full, unified communications suite – which is why businesses are switching to VoIP in droves.

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Why are small businesses adopting VoIP phone systems?

The adoption of VoIP phone systems is skyrocketing – the global VoIP service market is estimated to reach $194.5 billion in revenue by the end of 2024.

In a contemporary professional environment, VoIP offers small businesses more flexibility and innovation than the limited applications of traditional telecoms. Small businesses can avail of a variety of advantages by using VoIP and we’re going to explore some of the most impactful advantages next.

The benefits VoIP services bring to small businesses

Wide range of call features

Small businesses can enjoy a wide range of features with VoIP services. These features can help improve communication within the business and make it easier to keep track of calls and manage customer relationships.

Some of the most popular VoIP features for small businesses include:

  • Call forwarding: This allows you to forward calls to another number, such as your cell phone, so you can always stay connected.
  • Call waiting: allows you to take multiple calls simultaneously to stay on top of all your customer inquiries.
  • Caller ID: This allows you to see the caller’s information before you answer the call, so you can decide whether or not to take it.
  • Voicemail: This allows you to receive messages even when you’re unavailable so that you can follow up with your customers promptly.

Increases staff productivity

VoIP technology helps organisations improve productivity by allowing users to host virtual meetings, conduct international conference calls, share important company documents, and make both voice and video calls.

Calls rarely get distorted, dropped, or delayed with VoIP systems, making them attractive to businesses around the world as a consistent and reliable mode of communication.

Enable SMEs to compete with bigger companies

Smaller companies must be able to compete effectively with bigger, more established businesses. VoIP for small businesses allows users to manage their internal and external communications more cost-effectively and practically.

Small businesses can communicate with prospects at little cost, speak to partners and customers over distance, and remain competitive with other businesses internationally.

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Can be scaled to meet the demand

Determining how many phone lines you need is not easy. Especially if you’re still growing as a company, whenever you hire additional personnel, open a new office, or create a new department, you must ensure your communications system is up-to-date.

VoIP for small businesses requires no additional costs when adding or removing users other than the required hardware, such as headsets and telephone handsets. And when employees leave or move, existing lines can be reassigned or removed entirely.

VoIP can limit company expenses

Setting up traditional telephone lines on your premises can be costly. On the other hand, establishing and managing VoIP for small businesses is relatively cheap.

Internet voice and video calls between two or more devices are generally free, as is communication between employees and departments via VoIP-enabled devices.

And although there may be charges for calling from a PC to a landline, the charges are significantly lower than those for traditional mobiles and landlines.

It increases flexibility and mobility for users

The flexibility and mobility of VoIP are a great advantage for users who are always on the go, especially the corporate staff who travel frequently.

Long-distance calls over VoIP are also relatively cheap compared to traditional landline and mobile phone calls – a perfect example of how big savings can impact a small business.

VoIP is easy to set up, manage, and maintain

Traditional telephone lines can be difficult to set up and maintain. By comparison, VoIP for small businesses is relatively easy to install, configure, and maintain.

Most VoIP software solutions make telecom systems easier to manage, especially when adding new users. Web portals make adding, moving, and changing system configurations easier and more convenient.

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One Contact – your VoIP service provider

Your small business can grow and flourish with One Contact’s state-of-the-art VoIP services that offer customised, scalable communication so you can stay connected to your customers.

When it is combined with our strong, stable and secure Business Broadband, our reliable VoIP phone system will deliver high-quality calls for staff and your customers so you never miss a sale and always get the job done.

If you’re ready to give your small company the boost that a modern, dependable business phone system can bring, then contact us today and chat with our friendly, experienced staff.

Don’t forget to also check out our blog and resources to keep up to date with the latest trends and developments in the world of Information Communications Technology!

How Small Businesses Can Benefit From VoIP Services - eBook - SM - One Contact

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