The Importance Of Integrating Your CRM With Your Business Phone System

by | Apr 14, 2021 | Business Phones

Customer Relations are key to the success of a business and having a good Customer Relationship Management (CRM) system that works with the business phone system can have an extremely positive impact on sales, productivity and customer experience.

3CX is a VoIP phone system that allows integration with a variety of CRM systems such as Zendesk, Hubspot, Salesforce, Microsoft Dynamics and this flow of data between the two systems helps to automate and streamline processes. Given the current environment where many teams are working remotely rather than in the office, it is has become more of a challenge to ensure that customer service remains efficient and consistent regardless of the physical locations of sales or customer support teams.

Smooth communications between all departments are vital for businesses to succeed at any time, but even more important in these challenging times.

The benefits of integrating your CRM with your business phone system

1. Productivity

When it comes to improving productivity across a team of employees, there are a number of ways that integrating CRMs with a business phone system can help. For starters, employees won’t have to waste valuable time switching between apps every time they want to make or receive calls.

One very useful feature that can be set up is the possibility for phone numbers within CRM to be made clickable using a Click to Call feature. It may sound basic, but the ability to be able to make a call directly from the CRM leads to faster, direct dialling which reduces the possibilities of mistakes being made by an employee when dialling the number.

Customer Experience - One Contact

With the customer record open, the employee will have immediate access to the customers call history and other data or information that may be needed during the course of the call. The automatic call journaling then takes away the need for logging calls manually. These features not only improve the process for the employee but better the overall customer experience as a whole.

For the employer, integrating CRMs with their business phone system is also an opportunity to put better systems in place to monitor and measure the productivity of each employee. The data recorded will uncover areas for potential improvement and can help managers to constructively critique and encourage staff to continue to do better each time.

Customer Experience

In terms of Customer Experience, there are a variety of ways in which this can be improved by the integration of CRMs to the phone system. As mentioned in the previous point, customer profiles can be accessed immediately by the employee which saves them time and effort in searching for the information. This supports the employee to be more efficient while enhancing the customer experience.

We are living in an age where customers make contact with businesses through multiple channels such as social media, email, pop up chats as well as phone calls. One of the most common issues with having all these extra ways of making contact is that it can be difficult to follow up on each message or identify which employee may have replied or followed up on the query. The beauty of the phone system integrated into the CRM is that it allows for all of the different communication channels to be linked to the CRM.

This in itself is a gamechanger. It results in a seamless flow of information where all communications with the customer can be accessed through one account. Basically, it allows for the complete communications history for each customer to be held on one system.

This is vitally important for building relationships with customers too as it allows them to have a more personalized experience with the team member. The more information that the team member has at their fingertips, the more detailed and specific they can be in helping the customer which again leads to a better customer experience.

integrating your CRM with a business phone system - One Contact


Every interaction with a customer can provide a business with some valuable insight into consumer behaviour. From a Sales point of view, CRM data and analytics allow for greater understanding and a deeper analysis of customer behaviours. This facilitates the development and modelling of the ideal target customer. When combined with the information gathered from CRM phone systems such as call history, average call duration, waiting times, customer leads, sales opportunities and conversions, this merging of data closes the loop between the marketing and sales departments. And, this in turn leads to increased conversion rates.

By getting a better sense of the customer experience, marketing and sales teams can make improvements and create strategies based on accurate data. All the extra data can allow sales teams to improve their upselling techniques, closing the sale and engaging with the customer in a more personalised and knowledgeable manner.

Get A Return For Your Investment

In conclusion, integrating your CRM with a business phone system will result in improvements in employee productivity and more personalised customer experiences which will of course convert to higher sales and revenue for your business.

Having satisfied customers is the end goal for a business and investing in ways of improving the customer experience will yield a healthy return for the money invested. With the 3CX Communications system, the package can be tailored to suit the needs and budget of your business.

One key feature of the 3CX Communications System is the Call Flow Designer (CFD) which is a user friendly, visual application that allows a business to easily create strategic call flows and voice applications. Employees can handle calls in a more efficient way and customers experience a professional and secure system of communication.

To enquire about a new phone system for your business or to learn more about integrating your CRM with your business phone system, please give us a call 01 906 0990. You can also email our sales team at Our team are ready to help you in finding the right communications system for your business.

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