Top Tips When Switching Broadband Provider For Your Business

by | Mar 6, 2023 | Business Broadband

21st-century Irish businesses depend on fast, sturdy broadband for almost everything they do daily. So, if your business is considering switching broadband provider to ramp up your speeds, get a more stable connection, or above all else, find a better price, the time to do so is now.

But before you jump head-first into a new broadband contract, take a moment to consider that switching providers merits some thought first.

To help, we’ve compiled a list of our top tips for switching your business broadband supplier and avoiding any downtime while also getting the best deal!

Top Tips When Switching Broadband Provider For Your Business - eBook - SM - One Contact

Our tips for switching broadband provider for your business

Double-check your contract

Most broadband contracts are for two years. If you’ve already reached the minimum terms then you should be able to switch as soon as you like. If you’re not there yet, there will likely be a fee to switch. If your current provider hasn’t held up their end of the bargain, make sure you dispute any issues as you may be entitled to leave early.

Decide the speed you need

How do you plan on using your broadband connection? If you’re frequently making HD calls and holding video meetings, you’ll need a faster speed than if you’re simply exchanging emails. In the modern era of remote working and regular communications over Zoom or Skype, faster speeds are becoming more and more crucial for many Irish businesses.

Should you choose a data usage limit?

Most broadband deals have unlimited data, but some limit the amount of data you can download and upload per month. If you send and receive large files, for example, you’ll reach your limit faster. Some providers even bottleneck (restrict) your speeds after you’ve reached a certain limit, so check the fine print. This could be particularly impactful if your organisation depends on transferring large amounts of data in its workflows.

Have a budget in mind

Choose a budget that allows you to have the speeds and data you need for your business. It’s tempting to choose the fastest speeds but these come at a premium, so don’t choose it if you simply won’t use it. Way up your needs first and decide if the appropriate speed to send emails and conduct transactions is enough.

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Compare available deals

Use comparison sites and do your research to find out what deals you can get, the terms of the contract, and the available speeds and data usage limit. Doing this is crucial to understanding what are reasonable fees to pay for these services, and what is not.

Read the fine print when switching broadband provider

While initially not quite obvious, there’s usually a minimum term and offer price that increases after a certain number of months. Also, this kind of package may provide ‘bottlenecked’ speeds during busy periods. Make sure you avoid any disappointing surprises like this by reading all the details within the deal.

Research reviews and social proof

See what other people are saying about their experiences with the company you’re thinking of joining. Some companies might put their best salespeople on the phone when you’re signing up but then lack quality customer support if something goes wrong. Get your ear to the ground regarding what other business owners are saying about the provider and their services – this kind of social proof can paint an accurate picture of how a company operates once the dazzle and promises of the initial sale have passed.

Check your email account

Is your email account joined to your current broadband provider? Check first and make sure you won’t lose access to your account. If you will you should take the steps necessary to keep your accounts active or else migrate over to new ones before years worth of correspondence and contacts are lost.

Learn what happens when switching broadband provider

Will there be downtime when you switch? How long does installation take? Ask these questions so you can plan for any gaps in connection so your business isn’t disrupted. Be able to tell your employees and your customers anything they need to know during the period of transition.

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Choose our Business Broadband when switching broadband provider

Our final tip for switching broadband provider for your business is to sign on with One Contact.

Our strong, stable and secure Business Broadband supports companies and organisations all over Ireland, and we pride ourselves on exceptional customer service while also making switching your business broadband connection as easy as possible.

Get in touch today to speak to our friendly and expert team to find out more about switching your business broadband provider and giving your business the platform it needs to grow and excel.

Don’t forget to also check out our blog and resources for more of the latest news in the world of ICT!

Top Tips When Switching Broadband Provider For Your Business - eBook - SM - One Contact

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