8 Considerations When Switching Broadband Provider

by | Aug 23, 2022 | Business Broadband

Switching broadband provider is not the daunting task it once was. With inflation rates rising and the cost of living becoming ever more worrisome for individuals and businesses alike, it is no wonder every utility, including broadband, is being examined and reassessed to ensure optimal value is realised.

With so many options available to consumers trying to get the best deal for their broadband solution, let’s have a look at the most important factors to consider when ‘shopping around’.

Factors to consider when switching broadband provider

Broadband Speed and Stability

A fast and reliable internet connection is critical in today’s digital world and an absolute necessity to keep your business operating efficiently.

With many businesses now embracing a remote working or hybrid work model, it is imperative that these virtual teams be able to work and operate at the same level.

Video conferencing, emailing, file sharing, along with download and upload speeds are all factors that can impact how well a virtual team will be able to communicate and collaborate. And paramount to this is broadband speed and stability.

In a previous article, we outlined the ideal speeds recommended for daily business tasks. Be sure to discuss requirements with the service provider when contemplating a switch.


Besides speed, the rising price of broadband is one of the other main reasons consumers make the switch. Some deals may seem too good to miss, but this might only be for the first few months.

Without checking the finer details, a consumer may end up paying much more in the following months to complete the contract and avoid any cancellation fees.

Before making a final decision on your new provider, ensure you are aware of the total cost for the first year, calculate the monthly cost and compare it to your current provider.

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Additional Charges

Checking the data allowance and enquiring about extra installation, disconnection and reconnection costs is vital.

Many broadband plans offer ‘unlimited’ data with a ‘fair usage’ policy which will be outlined in the contract. In this case, the bill each month should remain at the set agreed-upon flat rate. If the monthly data limit is surpassed additional charges may apply.

Bundle Deals

When switching broadband providers, you may also want to switch TV or phone providers. Quite often broadband is bundled into a combo deal with an entertainment package or the offer of a home phone line.

Opting for a bundle deal can be a good way to save money, but only if each part of the package is actually required.

Minimum Contract Period

Before making the final decision, it’s important to check the contract length offered by the provider in question. The industry standard is 12-18 months but can vary and so should be clarified before signing.

Some providers offer more flexible or shorter-term contracts based on usage, but these can prove expensive in the long run.

There is usually a 14-day cooling-off period offered by service providers, which allows the customer to cancel without the risk of penalties or cancellation costs. But again, ensure you check the fine print to understand all the terms before signing up for a new service.

Expected Downtime

Another key consideration, particularly for businesses is whether or not there may be any downtime involved in making the switch. If so, this is something the business will need to plan for.

Every member of the team will need to be made aware and a backup plan put in place to ensure business continuity.

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Customer Service

We would highly recommend that anyone looking to switch broadband service providers, first carry out some research on the customer service of Irish service providers.

Information regarding the customer service record of Irish telecommunication providers is presented in a quarterly report issued by The Commission for Communications Regulation (ComReg) – a statutory body responsible for the regulation of phone, internet and TV providers.

This report outlines previous complaints raised by consumers and any resolutions provided, giving you peace of mind when choosing a reliable and supportive broadband provider.

Technology and Add-Ons

When making your choice, evaluate the technology provided by the supplier. Ensure they are keeping up with technology advancements and are offering the newest technology to provide the best service.

Finally, before switching broadband providers, check out any add-ons the company may offer. These may range from additional discounts to physical products. While it is nice to receive a little something extra, make sure this isn’t the only reason you are making the switch.

One Contact – your broadband provider

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Our Business Broadband offers a secure and stable connection with incredible speeds to cater for businesses and operations of all sizes.

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