Hybrid Working: Choosing The Right Phone System

by | Jun 15, 2021 | Hybrid Working, Remote Working, VOIP

As the world finally begins to return to some form of normality, we are beginning to shed many of the rules and restrictions that have changed society over the past 18 months. However, there are certain practices brought about by the pandemic that we won’t be so quick to leave behind, namely the presence of increased flexibility within the working environment.

But how can this be maintained with a return to the office imminent?

As D-day approaches for office workers, many businesses are now considering the possibility of introducing hybrid working; a relatively new term in our vocabulary that refers to a flexible working structure. Essentially, it entails employees spending certain days in the office and other days working remotely.


Is the hybrid working model a feasible one?

In a word, absolutely! In fact, numerous studies have already been compiled based on feedback from businesses that pose a clear argument for the future of hybrid working.

A recent analysis carried out by Microsoft found that while 70 percent of employees surveyed favoured the continuation of remote working options, 65 percent missed face-to-face communication with their colleagues. This paints a clear picture that a combination of both practices will lead to a contented team and inevitably, greater staff retention.

The inclination towards a hybrid working environment is also becoming evident among employers. A recent Irish survey of more than 2,100 managers found that while only one quarter of respondents had plans in place for how their teams will operate post pandemic, a staggering 78 percent of this cohort have chosen to work to a hybrid model.

With countless businesses now embracing hybrid working as part of our new normal, clear and continuous communication will be the key to its success. This is why choosing the right phone system to compliment this new model of working is paramount.


Hybrid Working – Phone Systems – One Contact

Why is it so important to choose the right phone system for hybrid working?

Technological advances such as VoIP (Voice Over Internet Protocol) phone systems have played – and will continue to play – a huge role in helping businesses adapt to the pandemic working environment. Without the use of VoIP phone systems, it is virtually impossible to keep functional communication channels open between management and employees, particularly while remote working remains a large part of how we operate.

Choosing the right system for a hybrid workplace is integral for many reasons. Firstly, when it comes to a system like VoIP, communication costs will be drastically reduced when compared to a traditional phone system, as calls can be made through the internet.

Secondly, all team members have access to the CRM system regardless of their location, minimising the risk of missed customer leads or sales opportunities. Another vital point to note is that the VoIP system facilitates the back up of valuable data in the event of a security or hardware failure. Another hugely important benefit is that employees working in different locations and on different schedules can use VoIP to synchronise their schedules and work projects.


Hybrid Working Phone Systems – One Contact

What are the key features of a VoIP phone system?

The VoIP phone system boasts many features that make it essential to the success of any business adopting the hybrid working model.

  • WebRTC web conferencing facilitates team meetings between remote workers and those working in the office. The 3CX technology offers whiteboards, PDF sharing and screen sharing to engage all team members regardless of their location. This feature will also allow for ongoing team coaching and development.
  • Real Time Messages are ideal for employees who need prompt and brief communication with other team members without having to make unnecessary and time-consuming phone calls. The instant chat feature offered by 3CX can be used to send messages, documents, voice notes and more.
  • The free phone apps that come with the 3CX system allow employees to operate their work extension from home or on the go while utilising the same contact details.
  • One of the biggest concerns for employers adopting a hybrid working model is being able to monitor employee productivity. 3CX’s analytics feature offers detailed reports on each employee’s work, which benefits both parties as accountability is vital to a successful business.
  • The integrations feature allows team members to integrate their accounting, ERP and CRM systems into the one location, facilitating team access to the information at any time and from anywhere.

The 3CX VoIP phone system can be tailored to create a communications package to suit every business. As a channel partner of 3CX, OneContact have over 45 years of experience in providing businesses with the perfect telecoms solution.

To enquire about a new phone system for your business, give us a call on 01 906 0990 or email us at sales@OneContact.ie. Our team are standing by to help and ready to see if you can get a huge discount on your phone system.

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