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by | Feb 14, 2021 | Business Phones, Remote Working

To say COVID-19 has transformed the workplace would be an understatement. The pandemic has changed the fundamental workings of employment, and there is no going back. A big part of this change has been the shift to remote work.

A recent survey by NUI Galway showed that 87% of those who took part are currently working remotely because of Covid-19. Over half (51%) had never worked remotely before the pandemic. And of those who had never worked remotely, 78% said that they would like to continue to work remotely even after the crisis is over.

Challenges of Remote Working

While remote working is becoming more common, there are many challenges. First and foremost, the biggest concern is stable internet connections. Video conferences have replaced in-person meetings, and these require significant bandwidth. Ensuring all workers have adequate internet access at home is a big issue.

Secondly, communication can be more difficult to manage with remote workers. Employees can’t just walk over to a co-worker’s desk and ask a question. Instead, they have to converse virtually, which can take a while to get used to and develop a flow.

The third challenge remote workers face is a lack of personal awareness. For example, they may take fewer breaks than they should and quite often work on into the night. Or, on the other hand, they may also take too many breaks because of the infinite number of distractions at home. Either way, working at home can affect the ability to work effectively.

Overcoming these challenges has proved to be a struggle. And while no one has mastered each aspect of remote working, using VOIP does overcome a large portion of them.


Challenges Of Remote Working - One Contact

Why VOIP is Essential?

Without VOIP (voice over internet protocol) technology, remote working in its current format, simply would not be possible. And in the context of remote working specifically, this software is crucial to creating a cost effective, easy to use and accessible system for employees and management alike.

Reduced Costs

Let’s focus on costs for a moment. In a nutshell, VOIP cuts costs. Instead of paying sky-high fees for international calls, workers can make these calls through the internet for free or for just a fraction of that sum. This reduces telephone bills greatly and makes sure that employees can stay in contact without the burden of documenting all receipts.

Easy Setup

The second perk is that the software is easy to set up. Anyone familiar with the basics of networking can install and configure the phone system in minimal time. Similarly, they can also deal with any issues and troubleshoot quite easily without the need for an on-site technician. On the other hand, if you use a typical PBX and face a problem, you’ll most likely require a professional to come to your site and deal with it.

Data Backups

Thirdly, the software will back up all your valuable information. In case of a breach in security or a hardware failure, you’ll be able to restore your phone system on another machine quickly and without disruption.

Improved Efficiency

Fourthly, VOIP can greatly increase work efficiency. You can conduct various web conferences simultaneously with multiple employees. And within these meetings, you can use features like screen sharing without the risk of your network connection crashing. Additionally, employees can take their office extensions anywhere. They have the option to plug in an IP phone to an internet connection at home or they can download an app on their phone and receive calls and messages while on the move.

And Many More…

Lastly, you get other background benefits, such as integration with other business applications which would allow you to connect to a CRM , mail or database server. And it also allows for call centre features, meaning your call centre can operate from anywhere ensuring you are not missing any of your customers calls.


VOIP Phone Systems That Supercharge Remote Working - One Contact

Features of 3CX that Supercharge Remote Working

3CX is an open-standards IP Phone System which relies on VoIP technology. 3CX gives companies what they need most: low costs and increased productivity. It can provide businesses with extraordinary communications solutions that cover all the requirements of remote working with integrated WebRTC video conferencing, Windows and Mac softphones, and, of course, iOS and Android smartphones.

Here are the key parts of 3CX that will transform your remote working experience:

  • Reduced costs: remote workers can place free calls on a 3CX phone and stay in contact with the office at all times.
  • WebRTC web conferencing: the ability to organise meetings with workers from home and use 3CX’s tech-savvy whiteboards, polls PDF sharing, and screen sharing to engage participants. Each one is specifically tailored to meet your needs.
  • Phone apps: employees can operate their work extension from home or while on the go with free mobile applications for Android OS and iOS.
  • Real-time messages: for employees more comfortable with texting than calling, 3CX has an instant chat feature. They can use it to send messages, documents, and more.
  • Analytics and reports: accountability is integral to any successful business. 3CX’s analytics feature makes it possible to keep an eye on workplace productivity via detailed reports.
  • Integrations: with a single click, it will integrate your accounting, ERP, and CRM systems. Doing so allows agents to easily access each system and keep track of customers, which boosts efficiency.


Under any circumstance, choosing a phone system for a business is a big decision. In a lockdown world, however, this is an even greater decision. If the right system isn’t chosen, one that can keep up with the growing online needs of remote workers and customers, your business and its bottom-line will inevitably be affected. 3CX may come with numerous features to pick and choose from, but the beauty of it is that all of these are housed within one consolidated system giving you the most effective strategy for your communications that will keep you ahead of the pack.

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