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Once COVID-19 hit, the fundamentals of employment changed. Millions of workers shifted from commuting to an office every morning to buying laptops and getting technicians to set up 4G connections. Many office managers struggled to accommodate this shift because the existing frameworks for communication and organisation simply didn’t work anymore.

Companies tried moving their workspaces to mainstream messaging platforms, but this software was not designed for remote working. Consequently, their features often fell short and didn’t accommodate the company’s needs.

For instance, employee and employer personal data is more accessible through these platforms posing serious concerns for security and privacy. Additionally, most are also not equipped to handle or record communication logs which can cause challenges when it comes to customer relationship management.

A solution was needed and that is where 3CX comes in. This software was specifically designed with remote employees in mind, and so it caters to all the needs companies have when managing a remote workforce.

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Key Features

3CX has multiple outstanding features for its clients and the following stand out amongst them. These key features make the 3CX software and its mobile application a must-have for remote workers.

1. Mobile applications

Among the key features, the most attractive one is the free phone applications for both iOS and Android users. Unlike working in an office, employees don’t necessarily stay in one place once they make the shift to remote employment. They can complete a lot of their tasks from anywhere – in their house, a cafe, or a park, for instance. As a solution, Mobile Apps allow for greater flexibility.

By downloading the application, workers can take their office extension with them wherever they go and no longer have to give out their personal phone number for work matters. This eliminates a lot of the privacy risks that can come with disclosing personal information.

The portability of these applications also means employees can stay in contact with the office at all times without a reduction in productivity.

2. WebRTC video conferencing

The remote working alternative to meetings is video conferencing. With 3CX, organising virtual get togethers is super easy. Additionally, the platform has extra features such as screen sharing and whiteboard capabilities that can enhance these digital gatherings, making them more interactive and engaging. Employees can dial in directly from mobile when they are on the go so they don’t miss out on important company discussions.

3. Instant Messaging

Although the video features of 3CX are hugely beneficial, setting up a video meet every time someone has a question or concern is not the most efficient use of this communications tool. And surveys have shown that up to 90% of people prefer to send a text or voice message rather than make a call.

Remote employees, however, need to be able communicate and talk to their co-workers throughout the working day and this is why 3CX is also equipped with instant messaging. This allows a team to easily communicate and collaborate without the need for lengthy phone or video chats.

Employees can also use this feature to share documents with anyone on their team. And where necessary, they can instantly start a call through it.

4. Analytics and Reports

Working efficiently from home requires a lot of sustained self-discipline. And for many remote workers, achieving this goal is challenging. There are simply too many distractions at home, and without a set office environment, focusing can be difficult.

Therefore, accountability is incredibly important when companies shift to remote employment, and 3CX analytics is the best way to get it. 3CX software, will give you access to reports that track agent activity, and these can be used to easily keep track of customer-facing workers. This can be helpful with motivating team members as well as allowing peace of mind for business owners and managers.

Furthermore, this feature also facilitates personalised reminders for workers such as providing progress updates. All of these tools can be used to increase productivity and ensure company time is being used effectively.

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Company Benefits

Beyond the fantastic features outlined above, using the 3CX software as a business phone system gives companies a range of benefits. These are separate from the package and are exclusive to 3CX.

1. Save on costs

Firstly, it can cut costs. And for a lot of companies, that is the bottom line. Using 3CX software can lead to a drastic reduction in phone bills while retaining sufficient levels of communication. Employees won’t need desk phones anymore because they can simply move their business extension to a smartphone.

2. Very user friendly

Secondly, the software is extremely user friendly and easy to set up. Unlike other remote working software, you don’t need to be a tech genius to find your way around. Getting started is simple and managing it is even simpler. Furthermore, it uses SIP forking, which allows users to utilise the app and desk phone at the same time.

3. Hugely boost productivity

Thirdly, it increases work productivity. Because of the key features explained above, workers will stay motivated knowing their activities are being monitored just as they would be in a physical office setting. It can also help to reduce any negative impact of an offsite workforce since team communications can be maintained efficiently and effectively through the many connection points available to them. Each one of these benefits will help to cushion the challenges of remote working and guarantee work output is sustained.


The shift to remote working can be both challenging and daunting, but you can minimise the risks with proper planning and the right tools. Setting up an effective digital workplace to mimic the on-site working environment is crucial to a smooth transition.

3CX understands these nuanced needs and meets them. With key features targeting remote workers’ principle needs and free mobile applications to ensure easy access, this software is the first step to that smooth transition.

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