Why Modernising Phone Systems Is Beneficial For Every Business

by | Mar 20, 2023 | Business Phones, VOIP

As technology rapidly continues to evolve, businesses must keep up to maintain their relationships and meet their obligations, and while some may have avoided modernising phone systems in the past due to the long installation times and disruption they caused, this is all now changing.

With the ISDN switch-off coming soon, businesses don’t have to look too far ahead before such a change compels them to modernise their current phone system. It should be a relief, therefore, to hear that modern phone system technology, such as VoIP, makes for a fast and convenient process with little downtime.

Besides the obvious advantages of staying up-to-date with technology trends, modernising business telephone systems can provide more benefits, so read on to discover these important benefits and give your business an edge today.

Why all businesses should be modernising phone systems

There are various reasons why you should upgrade your business’s phone system. The key ones include:

Delivering a better customer experience

Today, people care more about the customer experience than the cost of products and services. Data shows that 73% of consumers base their purchase decisions on the customer experience.

A modern telephone system improves customer service by making it easier for customers to reach you and quicker for them to get the help they need. With features like Interactive Voice Response, virtual receptionists, automated call routing, and recorded greetings, customers can easily connect with the right person in no time.

Technology integration

Modern phone systems have powerful technology integration capabilities, such as Computer Telephony Integration (CTI). This allows businesses to connect their telephone system to their computer and CRM software, thereby vastly improving customer support operations.

Such integration gives you a 360-degree view of customer information and allows you to provide more personalised customer service through conversations that elicit real action.

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Cost savings

Modern telephone systems are far more cost-effective compared to older systems. For instance, VoIP phone systems enable businesses to take advantage of free or lower-cost international calling rates.

For businesses with multiple locations, modern phone systems can also eliminate the need for expensive hardware and installation as they are cloud-based, allowing them to reach customers anywhere in the world at any time.

Benefit from new functionality

Modern phone systems have features such as unified communications, conference calling, and more. These features allow your business to enjoy an improved level of efficiency and productivity. For example, you can use the audio-conferencing feature to collaborate with remote workers or hold virtual meetings with multiple participants in different locations.

Improved and efficient functionality helps your employees do more in less time and helps you deliver a streamlined and omnipresent service to your customers.

Suitable for multiple locations

Phone system manufacturers design modern phone systems to meet the needs of distributed businesses. This means you can connect multiple locations with a single system and use one number for all your offices. It becomes easier for customers to reach out and enables much better internal communication among different sites.

Scalability comes hand-in-hand when modernising phone systems

Upgrading to a modern phone system can help your business anticipate and handle rapid growth. Instead of installing more and more phone lines each time your company grows, you can use a VoIP solution that allows you to add or remove users at a minimal cost since there’s no need for additional hardware or installation. Utilise technology that grows with your business, not technology that constricts it until you’ve ticked several boxes.

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Modernising phone systems starts with One Contact

Modernising business phone systems is essential to providing an optimal customer experience while minimising operational costs.

If you’re ready to make the switch, One Contact can be your all-in-one provider for all your telecom needs by providing an advanced VoIP-based business phone system.

Furthermore, when you combine a modern phone system combined with our strong, stable, and secure Business Broadband, you can take your business communication and operations to the next level and ensure growth and prosperity for years to come.

Contact our dedicated team today to learn more, and don’t forget to also check out our blog and resources for more news and updates!

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