Is Business Messaging the Future of Your Customer Experience?

by | Sep 18, 2021 | Business Phone Apps, Business Phones

The global pandemic has had a significant effect on the way businesses communicate with their customers. When the pandemic began back in March 2020, business owners quickly learned that having an online presence was key to staying afloat.

While some businesses were already very visible online, regularly engaging with customers through their website and social media platforms, it was a new venture for many into the virtual business world. With the pandemic still very much a reality in late 2021, companies across the globe are increasing their efforts to maintain consistent communication with their customers in new and interesting ways, as they strive to ensure business continuity.

There are certainly challenges to improving customer experience in this post-pandemic world, with consumers’ expectations, behaviours and needs having changed dramatically. Consumers and businesses have been forced to embrace technology and in doing so, have become more comfortable and adept at interacting in an online space. This means that for businesses, the best way to improve customer experience will be to invest time and money into more innovative methods of connection and communication with their target audience.

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The rise in popularity of business messaging

2020 was a significant year for business messaging. It became a vital communication tool that enabled businesses and brands to stay connected with their customers, keeping them engaged and informed. Business messaging also proved essential for companies looking to offer customer support through mobile chat services and automation in an effort to meet the demands of the consumer.

Now, well into 2021, the importance of business messaging in relation to customer experience has been reinforced. According to a report published at the beginning of this year, Ireland’s overall customer experience score improved by 1.1 percent in 2020, following a decline in the previous two years. The report also commented on how many businesses adapted successfully to the need for change brought about by the pandemic, as well as highlighting the upsurge in online usage over the course of the survey period.

With such an emphasis now placed on the online customer experience, there has never been a more critical time for businesses to adapt their communications strategy in line with customer expectations and needs.

The changing trends of sales and customer support

Now that many businesses around the globe have taken up permanent residence in an online space, consumers have come to expect 24/7 interaction and engagement. What’s more, a reported 69 percent want this interaction to take place via mobile apps or a messaging service, rather than by phone or email.

These trends and expectations have sparked an increase in popularity of instant messaging services and web chats between businesses and consumers. In an effort to stay ahead of the curve and excel in the area of customer experience, many companies have turned to specific technology, such as Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) to provide the solution.

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Benefits of VoIP for customer experience

So, how exactly can a VoIP phone system help companies to keep their finger on the pulse of trending business practices?
The best place to start is by looking at Facebook Messenger; one of the most powerful platforms that can be used for messaging customers.

With over 1.3 billion users, Messenger has helped businesses establish a customer service channel online that is both convenient and extremely user-friendly. The issue with using Messenger as a communication tool with customers, is that it is a separate platform. Therefore, if a business has multiple customer service advisors or has outsourced its social media to a third party, granting access to all who need it can get complicated and negatively impact the customer experience.

This is where using a VoIP phone system with 3CX Facebook and Live Chat integration can really make things a whole lot easier. 3CX integration makes it possible for all messages, calls and video to be connected in one streamlined solution. Messages can be delivered instantly to the web client and smartphone apps so a member of the customer service team can answer, transfer and resolve all customer queries from the same platform they use for all other communication.

The same integration can be done for SMS text messages, through the creation of a professional text queuing and routing system. This in turn resolves the issue of employees handing out their personal mobile numbers to customers for unmanaged WhatsApp messages.

There is also the website chat feature to take note of, which allows any visitors to the website to chat to a member of the team.
The overall result created by VoIP is a streamlined and updated communication system that will save time for any business, increase customer satisfaction and improve the customer experience – which of course will convert to increased sales and customer leads.

The importance of reliable business broadband

While VoIP has numerous benefits, the most important criteria to ensure smooth and consistent communication with your customer base is access to reliable broadband. Although this has always been a top priority for many businesses, the effects of being in lockdown in the midst of a pandemic has served to heighten our reliance on connectivity.

This is where One Contact can help. Using their expert support to protect the most critical business functions, preventing any downtime or connectivity issues, One Contact provides businesses with the peace of mind they need to operate successfully online. In response to customer requirements and business expectations, much time and resources have been invested into developing One Contact’s business broadband, resulting in unrivalled reliability and performance, as well as providing essential technical support.

In conclusion

At a time when reliable communications play such an important role in the success of all types of businesses, it’s vital that your communications strategy is up to date and has the ability to enhance the customer experience.
From 3CX Integration for all your business messaging needs to providing reliable broadband, One Contact offers the perfect communications solution for your business. Get in touch today to find out more.

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