Back to the Office: Why It’s Time to Revamp Your Broadband

by | Oct 5, 2021 | Business Broadband

As many Irish businesses gear up to welcome their employees back to the office, it’s clear there will be some big changes to what was once considered a normal working schedule.

While recent developments in the area of communications technology have created greater flexibility for employees working across multiple locations, it was the advent of the coronavirus pandemic that forcefully pushed the notion of remote working to the forefront for companies.

Now, as societies across the world begin to exit lockdown and ease restrictions, both remote and hybrid working models appear to be going nowhere fast – but each comes with its own set of practical and technical challenges.

Remote and hybrid working models

Employees who enjoyed the opportunity to work from home have begun to consider the long-term benefits of remote working, while they are also faced with the tricky task of creating boundaries between their personal and professional lives. Employers, too, are faced with difficult decisions, weighing up the pros and cons of maintaining a remote or hybrid workforce, while the health, safety and wellbeing of their employees remains to the fore in the process.

Additionally, employers need to see a clear increase in productivity levels before such a change in workplace dynamics can be deemed viable.

Challenges aside, many companies the world over are likely to adopt a hybrid working business model as the pandemic phases out, particularly in an effort to retain valuable current employees and offer flexible working plans to potential new employees.

In fact, a staggering 80 percent of Irish businesses surveyed as part of a recent IBEC study revealed that they will be trialling a hybrid workplace model once their offices reopen later this year. The same survey found that more than 74 percent of participants believe that the implementation of hybrid working will increase further over the next two to three years.

This spells good news for Irish employees who clearly want remote working to remain a permanent part of their professional set-up. And with a reported 95 percent of the workforce angling towards a hybrid approach, it appears this model of work will be a sure thing for the future.

Given such staggering statistics, businesses will have to ensure their workspaces are ready for hybrid working when their employees gradually return to the office. Having reliable and fast broadband will play a key role in this.

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Why reliable broadband is key to the success of hybrid working

There are certain factors that will play a key role in the success of the hybrid working model. Reliable broadband is number one on this list, ensuring continuous connectivity and smooth communication between employers, employees, clients and customers.

A strong broadband connection is vital for the hybrid workplace, facilitating video conferencing, virtual meetings, webinars and VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol) – which has become an integral tool for businesses working remotely during the pandemic.

Thanks to VoIP, employees now have all their messaging and phone apps – as well as their accounting, ERP and CRM systems – wrapped up in one solution. VoIP phone systems rely heavily on a secure internet connection to operate, therefore the implications for a business without a strong network connection can be costly, both in terms of revenue and productivity.

The importance of broadband for cyber security

Safe and secure broadband should also be a top priority with cyber attacks on the rise. Given that the majority of business operations are conducted in the online realm, a secure and uncompromised connection is paramount.

With an estimated 70 percent of large Irish firms having recently experienced problems with phishing, hacking, cyber fraud or other cyber attacks, there has never been a more apt time to invest in cyber security measures. Taking simple precautions, such as utilising separate business and guest Wi-Fi networks can have immediate positive effects, but with the use of multiple networks requiring high-speed business broadband, it once again all comes back to this one critical element.

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Why choose failover broadband?

To avail of an optimal broadband experience, business customers should strongly consider failover broadband. This is essential for companies to ensure business continuity in the event of network outages; particularly in our current climate, with more and more businesses conducting their operations online.

From natural disasters, power outages and cyber attacks to network maintenance, encountering a broadband breakdown can be costly to businesses. It can result in a lapse in communication between office employees and their colleagues working remotely.

Furthermore, broken channels of communication between a business and its customers or clients can account for missed sales and lost revenue. In such situations, employees may be tempted to use their own internet network on personal devices to continue working, which could further expose the business to the risk of a cyber attack.

All things considered, failover broadband is a lifeline to businesses experiencing a network outage, as it provides a back-up internet connection that can be kickstarted and used in the event of a breakdown of the primary internet source. It will also ensure that communications can be maintained between office workers and colleagues working remotely. Having a back-up network is the smart choice for businesses who are so reliant on broadband to ensure business continuity.

In conclusion

As employees slowly begin to filter back into the office, while simultaneously adapting to a hybrid working model, reliable broadband will play a key role in supporting a smooth transition. This is where One Contact can help your company.

Offering business broadband packages up to 10Gbps to suit businesses of all types and sizes, One Contact provides internet you can rely on; reliability, performance and accessible support; and secure connectivity at an affordable price.

To enquire about business broadband to meet your needs, get in touch with One Contact today. Our team is standing by to help.

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