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Slash costs and supercharge productivity with modern business phone systems and 10GB business broadband – you read that right! Up to 10GB ultrafast business broadband, only from One Contact.

With purpose-built business broadband and phone systems for businesses of every size, we can provide you with the optimal setup both for the workplace and remote working, so get in touch today.

10GB Business Broadband Features

Up To 10GB Ultrafast Broadband

Business-Quality Internet Connectivity

Dedicated Support That You Can Rely On

Live & Proactive Network Monitoring

Modern Business Phone Systems

Modern Phone Systems – One Contact

Modern Office Phone Systems

Mobile Apps – One Contact

Great Mobile Apps & Text Functionality

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Web Chat & Other Great Integrations

Business Phone & Broadband

Enquire now to find out if you can get up to 10GB business broadband!

10 Phone Handsets

From just €9/per handset
  • Free number porting
  • Desktop and Mobile Apps
  • Auto-attendant and Voice Menu (IVR)
  • Call recording
  • And many more features
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With fast site surveys, fast setup and even faster internet speeds, what are you waiting for? 

Can I get business broadband for my business or home?

    Business Broadband Ireland - One Contact

    Keeping your business connected, at home and in the workplace

    Does your business rely on internet connectivity to function or to keep your team connected whether they are working from home or in the office? Then it’s imperative to have a fast broadband service that is managed and supported by experts.

    We offer business broadband packages up to 10Gbps, but our key differentiator is the quality of our support team. Our expert team takes ownership of every issue that may arise, immediately mobilising and resolving your issue rapidly, often before you even know there’s an issue.

    Private Cloud Phone Systems

    Our Cloud platform functionality is inbuilt and included as standard in an all in one user-friendly platform. Our voice platform combines increased reliability with 4G backup and secure voice traffic on your own private cloud service.


    Take advantage of massive savings with SIP bundled pricing


    Free remote support on your phone system.


    A scalable cloud phone system, with upgrades and maintenance included


    Desktop and mobile phone system apps


    Two Year hardware warranty

    Phone Systems - One Contact

    Can I get business broadband for my business or home?

      Business broadband from One Contact

      Internet you can rely on

      Connectivity is vital to modern businesses. If you have ever experienced an internet outage in your business, you know you need to entrust your connectivity to a reliable provider. If you haven’t experienced this, don’t wait until you do.

      One Contact is that reliable provider. We give you the peace of mind your business needs, wrapping our expert support around your most critical business functions, helping you to prevent any downtime or connectivity issues.

      Reliability, performance & accessible support

      Business broadband from One Contact is a unique service. In response to customer requirements and business expectations, we have invested huge time and resources into developing and refining our business broadband offering over the past several years.

      This is why our business broadband can deliver unmatched reliability and performance, as well as accessible and unshakable product support.

      Secure connectivity at an affordable price

      At One Contact, we offer internet connectivity that is worthy of your business. Our business broadband provides secure enterprise-grade connectivity with true live monitoring at an affordable price even for smaller businesses.

      Leading Business Phone Systems

      When it comes to the installation of phone systems for your business, our team is very aware of the concerns of business customers.

      We can provide your business with:

      Cost Savings - One Contact

      Cost-effective phone systems

      Cost Effective Phone Systems - One Contact

      Reliable and easy to use

      Phone Apps - One Contact

      Future-proofed functionality

      Installation with minimal disruption

      Expert Support Team - One Contact

      In-person training

      Prioritise Wi-Fi Square- One Contact

      Call flow adjustments as required

      Support - One Contact

      Responsive & conscientious support

      Monitored Failover Broadband - One Contact

      Scheduled reporting

      Start saving on your phone bill and roll out the latest technology for your team today.

      Why would I need business broadband?

      Secure & reliable credit card payments

      We understand the importance of reliable business broadband when it comes to processing your customer payments and modern credit card terminals depend on reliable broadband connectivity.

      Every minute your broadband is down or experiencing latency issues, you are losing revenue. Our business broadband helps prevent this and provides you with the support team you need to minimise downtime.

      VoIP calls & reliable communications

      For modern businesses, and particularly those with multiple employees, a VOIP service with strong and secure broadband is often the preferred choice for communication, especially in rural areas when fibre is not an option.

      We know how damaging and disruptive it can be for a business when communications go offline and how important reliable broadband is for VOIP. Our business broadband provides a secure and reliable service for VOIP users, every time.

      Secure & reliable email web access

      Business broadband from One Contact provides a secure, reliable, and fast internet connection geared towards ensuring continuity of service. It helps keep you in contact with your customers online and makes sure your team has secure access to the Web at all times.

      Our expert support team takes a proactive and problem-ownership approach that helps to ensure that you avoid any unnecessary downtime, and the subsequent damage that it can cause to your business.

      Why choose One Contact?

      At One Contact, we will move heaven and earth to deliver the highest speed broadband available in your area and we pride ourselves on the quality of our phone systems and customer service.

      For our team, every client is a priority.

      We will proactively and consistently monitor your connection for faults and in the unlikely event that a fault occurs, our talented, Dublin-based engineers will be fully accountable for the issue until it is resolved.

      Support your business can trust, always.

      Many of our current customers choose business broadband from One Contact only after experiencing an internet outage with another supplier.

      While the internet outage itself may have had a direct impact on their business, they are often left reeling and infuriated by the costly, unprofessional and untrained support they received in their time of desperate need.

      At One Contact, we value and respect our customers, taking ownership of any issues that arise and deploying a support team with years of experience. With our business broadband, you know your business is in the safest of hands.

      Excellent performance & reliability.

      Our business broadband is specifically designed for handling the needs of modern businesses with minimal latency and optimal performance.

      Our business broadband provides high-speed, business-quality internet connectivity (up to 10,000Mbps) and our experienced support team are highly skilled at resolving any issues quickly and efficiently.

      We also take an ownership approach to all issues that arise so that you can rest assured that our team is on top of it, and dealing with it in the best way possible to get your business back up and running.

      Continuous performance monitoring.

      Typical latency issues can affect video conferencing and internet connectivity, causing chaos, particularly as more and more offices are ‘working from home’. Our monitoring station tracks the performance of our business broadband connections.

      By monitoring this constantly, you can rest assured that if a fault occurs, our team is aware of it straight away and mobilising to fix the issue before you even know there is a problem.

      Our live, proactive monitoring also highlights performance degradation which can flag issues even before you notice them, allowing One Contact to resolve most issues before they turn into outages.

      How to get started and what to expect

      Getting the right business broadband starts by getting in touch. Contact us on our website here, by email to or speak to one of the team now on 01 906 0990.


      We analyse and assess your requirements and offer you the Internet connection options that suit your business requirements. We will assess your location(s) and carry out an extensive site survey(s) and provide you with a list of all available services.


      Once you choose your services, we professionally install and document your new connection from day one. This detailed installation and documentation is invaluable for quickly troubleshooting issues in the future as they arise. This usually takes 5 to 7 days.


      Once you are up and running, we remotely manage your broadband connection, upgrading equipment for compatibility, performance and security as required.


      Our team remotely monitors the performance of your connection for service degradation and any issues that might arise, and we act on such alerts to ensure no preventable outages occur.

      Fault Resolution

      If we detect an issue or if you contact us with an issue, we utilise our documentation of your site along with remote diagnostic tools, and historic performance data to quickly confirm your experience and our expert team execute a remediation plan to rectify the issue quickly and efficiently.

      Keeping you informed

      We keep you informed throughout any incident, giving you the peace of mind that the issue is being handled with the urgency that your business deserves. This frees you up to focus on your business and minimise the impact of any issue.
      Tell us about your requirements or about any ongoing issues you are experiencing and we’ll take care of the rest.


      Niall Byrne & Co - One Contact

      We were not happy with the level of service we were receiving from our previous service provider and were exploring the possibility of upgrading our infrastructure, using a Cloud Server in the office and also looking to make cost savings by using one provider for all of our IT and Communications requirements and One Contact came highly recommended by a trusted client of ours.

      Once we made the decision to go with One Contact the process was seamless and the entire system was up and running within 6 weeks, including failover broadband, managed wi-fi, firewall, networking and desktop server support.

      One Contact, like the name says, provide us with the same point of contact who looks after us so well, marrying the provision of their service with what is convenient to our business. If it’s necessary, they will always try to re-boot the system during our lunch break or at a time to suit us, to avoid any inconvenience to us or our clients. They have delivered on their promise all the time and every time and we couldn’t recommend them more highly. We are delighted with the service.

      Mark Gargan

      Niall Byrne & Company, Chartered Certified Accountants